Picking a Paddle

  • Materials

    High-end paddles are typically made of materials such as fiberglass, carbon fiber, or graphite, while lower-end paddles use materials like aluminum or wood. High-quality materials provide better performance, durability, and control, which makes them more desirable to dedicated pickleball players.

  • Shape

    Different shapes of pickleball paddles serve different purposes and are designed to cater to players' unique playing styles. For example, paddles with traditional, wider faces are great for beginners or players who want more forgiveness on off-center hits and additional control. More narrow, elongated shaped paddles give you additional reach and leverage for extra power & spin.

  • Construction

    The construction method of a paddle can affect its cost due to the use of specialized technology, equipment, and materials, as well as the level of precision and expertise required. For example, a carbon fiber paddle may require complex layup techniques and costly molds, while a wooden paddle involves a much simpler process and does not produce a paddle that plays as effectively.