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Selkirk Pro S1

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Introducing the Selkirk Pro S1 Pickleball Ball: The Next Generation of Pickleball Ball Technology.

For close to a decade, Selkirk has been revolutionizing paddle technology with relentless innovation. Throughout this journey, one crucial aspect has remained stagnant: Pickleballs. These unassuming spheres wield immense power over a player's experience, yet the landscape of ball innovation has remained barren. At Selkirk, they recognize the dire need for change.

While the Pickleball community has clamoured for consistency in flight and unwavering durability, these vital traits have often been overlooked. Determined to reshape the game, Selkirk embarked on a mission to inject the same rigour of research, development, and innovation into the Pickleball ball market.

Now, after years of dedicated effort, Selkirk proudly presents the Pro S1 Pickleball Ball—a testament to Selkirk's unyielding pursuit of progress. This remarkable creation embodies the very essence of next-generation Pickleball ball technology and is a culmination of Selkirk's tireless dedication to elevating every player's experience.

 *PLEASE NOTE: Selkirk's 1 Year No-Crack Warranty is NOT offered with any balls sold within Canada and is only available on balls purchased in the US through directly. Click HERE for details

Regular price $3.99
Regular price Sale price $3.99